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Topic: Why 88fingers?

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    Why 88fingers?

    Ok so here it is. After several requests. Why am I called 88fingers? Well..........

    Let me put it to you this way. I have posted a piece here of me playing the piano live, 88 piano keys: 88fingers. I get really nervous when I play live for a giant audience, especially one as big as the net. So forgive me if I am really shaky and play absolutely horrible.

    So those of you who asked me to put something up that I've played and not just Midi sequenced, here it is.

    As my dad said after hearing my rendition of this one, " Gee son... I think I know that piece but I don't recognize it when you play it..." you may agree with him too.

    I will protect Gary's dignity and not tell every one I used his piano sample.

    Some may say I sound like I play with all 88fingers at once
    (The Nut )


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    Smile Re: Why 88fingers?

    Your Dad is right I don't recognise this piece....
    but what I am wondering is...what one can do with 88 fingers if not the movie "ALIENS V"?
    As a mediocre pianist I can say that sometime emotion is able to grab your fingers, but you have 88 of them, right??

    My best regards,

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