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Topic: memory?

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    I\'ve never used gigasampler before, but I\'m thinking about buying it in the near future. What would you say would be more advantageous, a fast hard drive, or gobs of memory, like 512-1gig of ram? If I had a gig of ram, couldn\'t I load most of the samples into memory, effectively removing any hd bottlenecks?

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    Re: memory?

    Giga doesn\'t work like that, it loads only a specific amount of each sample into memory. Load a single 500mb sample into giga and it will still leave most of the sample on HD.

    More memory simply allows a greater number of samples to reside in Giga simultaneously -which is great if you\'re using complex multi layer instruments, or lots of sounds.

    Very fast, very wide bandwidth hard disk access is the real bone of contention with Giga when you\'re trying to stream 160 samples from HD simultaneously. Mind you, memory is so cheap at the moment that you might as well do both...!

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    Re: memory?

    True Chadwick,

    But I would like to know what maximum amount of RAM can be handled by WIN98SE. My motherboard accept 3x512=1536MB of SDRAM.
    It seems that the maximum should be 512MB?
    And over that it´s equivalent to no have more then 512MB?
    Nobody till now has answered my question (posted topic before, times ago).
    For sure i will put the more RAM the better!
    Thanks for any input,

    Richard Krull

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    Re: memory?

    But I would like to know what maximum amount of RAM can be handled by WIN98SE.

    According to Microsoft, Win98SE will recognize 4 GB of RAM. It will physically address 2GB of RAM. There\'s a problem with AGP video addressing though, so there can be a problem at 780MB (making 768 a safe bet.) They do say though, if you have problems, to limit it in MSCONFIG to 512MB. You can draw your own conclusions to what you can safely use. I\'m running 512MB myself, and GS runs smooth for me. I did a lot of research before getting GS, so I\'m still a newbie at the program, but, my system (Tyan S2390B, Via KT-133A chipset, 1.2ghz athlon, 512mb ram, 7200 rpm 40 gig data drive (for gigs/wavs/etc), SB Live/Echo Layla) screams as far as GS goes. I just wish that the Win2K version was out. Win2K handles RAM better.. I\'d up this to 1.5GB of RAM then.

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    Re: memory?

    Thanks Chadwick, so what sort of hard drives do you all recommend? I\'m only planning on using gigasampler/studio for playing piano. Is SCSI really necessary, or can I get by on a Western Digital 7200rpm caviar drive?

    Here is my system...
    P3 500mhz on ASUS P3B-F (440BX Chipset)
    256mb PC100
    13gig 5400rpm WD Caviar
    20gig 7200rpm WD Caviar
    Audiophile 2496 (planned that is)
    Diamond Stealth64 4mb VRAM (hehe, boy is this one old...)

    Is this good enough?

    In addition, I have a cdrom and a cdrw that need to share those same IDE channels? Is that bad?

    Thanks for you comments.

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    Re: memory?


    there\'s actually a thread deicated to this discussion over at the Yahoo forum right now.

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    Re: memory?

    > can I get by on a Western Digital 7200rpm caviar drive?

    I find the WD drives to be very noisy. You might consider a Maxtor instead.

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    Re: memory?

    Thanks for inputs and thanks, Chadwick for the link to the Nemesys Yahoo Forum. I have joined this forum and when I am confirmed I´ll go there to see more knowledges around the memory question when WIN98SE is the OS.

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