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Topic: Installation problems

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    Installation problems

    I\'m having some problems getting giga sampler to work on one computer. First I had it on another one and I got it to work, but only with the soundcard that\'s built in to the computer and not with the ISIS Studio card that was also in it. Instead I installed it on my other computer that has a Gina card that should work fine with gigasample. The installation works fine but when I try to start the sampler I get a dialog saying that my system is not properly enabled, try reinstalling the gigasampler application. I\'v tried four times now and formatted the harddrive, fresh windows 98 new soundcard drivers, everything but I get the same message.
    I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions
    Thanks //Unne

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    Re: Installation problems


    Had the same problem myself not long back but I was using a Turtle Beach Montego II.
    I had to download version 1.52 to get it to work.

    1.6 is the latest download available for registered GS users, so give it a go.


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