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Topic: Scarbee VKFX

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    Scarbee VKFX

    There hasn't been much discussion on the VKFX on this forum, so thought I'd mention that after trying the demo, I placed an order today.
    The RSP'73 has been my favorite Rhodes sound for quite a while, but with this plug in, it is now simply amazing :-)

    And an added incentive, Scarbee is offering it for 30% off until 15th July which brings the price down to $160 (and free shipping!) This is almost half the original price of $300

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    Re: Scarbee VKFX

    I didn't try it with the RSP73 yet but on the D6 it sounds great.

    So many sonic possibilities...I love this plug!

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    Re: Scarbee VKFX

    I just spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing with it for the first time.
    Highly recommended. If you use the Scarbee sample libraries you should buy this plug. Simple as that.
    My primary wishes were that it could 1) give me a little grit that responded
    like an amp and 2) emulate the suitcase vibrato.
    I'm happy to say it does both - and more.

    Used subtly, the pre-amp and amp sections really allow you to dig in by playing harder - much the same way the samples themselves do. The vibrato works as you would expect, and can be used in mono or stereo.

    The Phaser section also seems much nicer than most digital phasers. I didn't spend a ton of time with it, but that is my first impression.

    I thought (again, after not much time) that the Wah worked better as an envelope follower than it did by assigning a pedal to it and using it as a regular wah pedal.

    The overdrive was kicking into "high gear" a little too early when I was playing with it, but I believe that is because it was placed after the preamp. One of the presets had it first in the chain, and I believe it works better there. Come to think of it, I should try that with the Wah as well.

    Even after one session with the plugin, I am happy with the purchase, and will be using it at a rehearsal tonight - having set up a couple of rudimentary
    user presets.

    Also of note....I'm using it on a Muse Receptor and it installs and runs with no problems whatsoever.
    -Phil Aiken

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    Re: Scarbee VKFX

    Thanks for the review Phil. I just ordered it and not Im lookin forward to it..i assume your using the Muse for Live gigs? Rich

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    Re: Scarbee VKFX

    I ordered it too. Fantastic stuff!!!

    I don't have the Scarbee libraries, so I was playing with it using Elektrik Piano (which I've had for a while), B4, Discovery, ImpOSCar, D'Cota, PPG, Simsynth, and MTron.

    It worked very well on all of those and most especially well on the MTron. Suddenly the MTron strings sound exactly like the way I'm used to hearing them on old favorite albums. Discovery seemed to work particularly well with it too. The quality of the effects gave it an analog feeling... an added roundness and depth to the sound. In some cases the effect was dramatic and in some cases quite subtle. I found the subtle effect to be quite exciting as you can add a certain dimension that brings your instruments to life.

    Highly recommended.

    Don't miss the sale - plus the $25 bonus for signing up with the site!!!

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    Talking Re: Scarbee VKFX

    great to hear others trying/buying it. I was surprised it had caused so little talk on here.
    A great buy IMO :-)

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    Re: Scarbee VKFX

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Pell
    Thanks for the review Phil. I just ordered it and not Im lookin forward to it..i assume your using the Muse for Live gigs? Rich
    You assume correctly.
    It's working great for me.

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    Re: Scarbee VKFX

    Quote Originally Posted by Beethree
    You assume correctly.
    It's working great for me.
    Kool, something to keep in mind.. Rich

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    Thumbs up Re: Scarbee VKFX

    I mentioned VKFX in my notes on the score for a short film - Spaghetti vs. Noodles - where it was used not only for the keyboard parts, but also the bass and guitar. The only thing wrong with VKFX is the fact that the name leads people to believe that it's only good for keyboards...
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Scarbee VKFX

    How are you guys using it? I had to convert my MIDI tracks to audio in order to get VKFX to play nice. I wish that I had a way of dialing in the VKFX while I am playing the parts...it could influence the performance significantly.

    Is there a way to do that?

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