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Topic: please help!

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    please help!


    Can somebody please help me? I have to finnish this project I\'m working on and I\'m geting the clicks in Gigastudio 160
    which are driving me mad. I\'m writing short tracks , about 2 minutes each, and I can\'t record them as an audio because
    whenever I play them I allways get this one click or pop, it\'s allways in the different place of the song, and since the pieces
    I\'m writing are mostly soft and quiet it\'s really hard to edit it out later.
    I have my Gigastudio on a separate computer it\'s an Athlon 800, IBM deskstar drive and 1Gb of RAM under Win98.
    When playing tracks, my cpu usage never goes over 4%, and ram usage is never over 40%...
    I know there are a lot of people out there who work with gigastudio without problems, so please help.
    Thank you in advance..


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    Re: please help!

    make sure both soundcards are running at the same sampling rate. If not, you\'ll get pops and clicks and random places in your piece.

    I used to have Aark running at 44.1KHz and my soundblaster running at 48KHz....this was before I knew what to do.
    Soundblaster can\'t be changed...so I changed the Aark to run at 48 KHz...pops and clicks went away.

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