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Topic: Fluvia

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    Smile Fluvia

    A piece for symphony orchestra (first try with GPO).


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    Re: Fluvia

    It sounds like you are having a blast with GPO already!
    This is cool Trumpet

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    Re: Fluvia

    Man that is a cool avatar (pic)


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    Re: Fluvia

    First attempt? Well, by darn, you coulda fooled me... lol.

    Musically, this is very well done -- lightly scored in delicate congruence with the somewhat quietly thoughtful and almost elegiac tenor of the material.

    The one area I thought might benefit from a second look is along in the 3:00's where the scoring is very sparse (soli) against the percussion. Just my personal feel for this; but perhaps that might benefit a from some harmonic enrichment.

    The thematic material is truly lovely, trumpet82. Quiet pieces like this often don't get a great deal of attention -- but I do hope the forum will give it a good listen... it's well worth time spent!


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    Re: Fluvia

    This is a very beautiful piece. Wonderful composition.

    Could very well be my less than wonderful speakers at work, but it seemed like there were some balance issues between the instruments of the "orchestra". The solo instruments seemed much louder and maybe a bit too "present" compared to the percussion and some of the string passages. Not a big deal, though. I very rarely hear anything wonderfully mixed through these speakers. But might there be some instrument levels to toy around with for a second or third or forth mix-down???

    Beautiful piece! I thoroughly enjoyed the listen and look forward to more of your music.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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