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Topic: Ambience Question

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    Ambience Question

    After being "down" for 8 months with computer problems I am back up again having built a new computer for music only. I have installed GPO as a DXi in Sonar 4.0 which is working very well. However, I have tried to install the Ambience plug-in but it can't be found in Sonar. The installation process completes OK. When I go into the Effects Send in the audio track it is not there - nor anyplace else as far as I can tell. (It was installed on the same drive as GPO and Sonar.)

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Ambience Question

    Have you run the Cakewalk VST Adapter also? Run this, making sure it includes the folder where Ambience in installed, and then reopen SONAR.

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    Re: Ambience Question

    Thanks, Bill. I'll give it a try when I get home tonight although I've been having trouble with the VST Adapter (latest version). When I tried installing GPO as a VST I wasn't successful even though I ran the VST adapter numerous times. This is why I'm using GPO as a DXi instead of VST.

    Thanks again.

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