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Topic: Virtual audio router into Giga?

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    Virtual audio router into Giga?

    Is there such an app out there that functions as a virtual audio router so that I can bring in sound from other apps into the giga mixer (for Gigapulse and mixing purposes)?
    I tried Virtual Audio Cable, but it doesn't seem to like Giga or Windows XP for that matter...

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    Re: Virtual audio router into Giga?

    Most high end audio cards support some kind of internal routing, if not there maybe a way you can do it with S/PDIF cables. I ended up having to hardwire some analogue junk together in order to try it (but I have a crappy card with no spdif.). It still sounds pretty good.


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    Re: Virtual audio router into Giga?

    Yes, I figured I'd have to resort to this... <sigh>
    It isn't the end of the world since my card does have the necessary connectors, but it would certainly be convenient to have such a thing as a virtual audio router... VAC has the right idea, setting up the virtual ports for easy connection - but it just doesn't work...

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