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    Constructive criticism of Tascam, dedicated to every user who has had a headache since they ever got involved with gigastudio:

    Gigastudio, although it is only an interface between sampled instruments and
    a sequencer, has patent rights on streaming from hard discs making it
    difficult or impossible for competing programs to fairly develop alternative products. Many of the best sampled instrument libraries are made specifically with gigastudio in mind. So why does gigastudio have to consistently prove
    itself to be the most disfunctional audio program in terms of basic compatability with Windows? Why is the registration process so disfunctional? Why does every serious gigastudio user have to devote vast ammounts of time to configuring and re-configuring their computers to suit the program?
    Do any other companies have the audacity to tell their customers
    to run their program stand alone? What is the point of software to run
    standalone on a computer, it defeats the purpose of software and should
    be made as hardware if not compatible with other software. It is absurd
    to tell a user to use two computers, using twice as much electricity and
    creating twice as much noise and cost to compensate for the inadequacies of
    their product. No other company has the arrogance to tell users to use
    a software product as standalone. My perception of Tascam, is that it has an unethical corporate attitude in that the most basic elements of the product are underdeveloped and that the tech and registration support are insufficient. I would not be at all surprised if the staff and factory workers of Tascam are exploited, understaffed, underpayed, and underqualified. Tascam in my opinion is only interested in monopolizing the industry and making as much money as possible. If a product is advertised as being compatible with Windows XP, those users who are not easily able to register the product, and/or not able to turn on or off their computers as a result of installing or registering that product, should be immediately refunded their money and compensated for wasting their time and for the false advertising involved.

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    Re: TASCAM

    I understand your points.

    I however, knew virtually nothing when it came to computers when I contemplated buying Giga so I could use GOS (Garritan Orchestral Strings).
    I had never installed a hard drive or even knew what an IDE cables was.
    I read the Tascam website and researched this forum for recommendations as to what type of hard drive, and how to set up the IDE cables with the system drive and my newly installed DVD drive.

    I did exactly what Tascam's website said to do along with the advice of folks here.

    I bought a second hard drive, and a DVD drive for my one year old Dell PC, insatlled them, then I bought and installed Giga. I love it.

    It is a very intense, very powerful program that is in charge of a ton of digital samples streaming (flawlessly I might add) from a second "sample" drive as recommended, and everything is smooth sailing, and has been for many months since I bought it.

    I do understand that quite a few folks do have problems, and have not had the great experience that I and others have had. I believe it all boils down to the equipment, CPU speed, motherboard, RAM, hard drive speed and other things like settings in the BIOS that really make all the difference.

    There have been an emabarrasing amount of "bad experience" posts here, and I believe most of us here are willing to help you get Giga up and running if you so choose.


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    Re: TASCAM


    You are a kind person.
    Constructive criticism is when one points out some faults with a system AND offers solutions, help or direction to solve the problem.
    Slon did not do this.
    I am running (with thousands others) GS ON ONE MACHINE, with no problems at all in spite of the money-hungry management of Tascam and it's "exploited, understaffed, underpayed and underqualified" "factory workers".


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    Re: TASCAM

    Thanks Ted, but I do truly understand the fact that since there is a forum like this, there will always be some who have something disheartening to say about certain companies, and or their products.

    I feel since I am just a customer of Tascam's (over 35 years), I feel it is necessary to offer help, especially since others here got me going in the right direction.


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    Re: TASCAM

    As many of you might already know this post is also over at Sonic Controls Forum http://www.soniccontrol.com/cgi-bin/...;f=31;t=000208

    Member # 4275

    Sonic Forum member Ted Vanya rightly questions aracu/Slon about his motives.

    I do believe that Tascam could have better support of Gigastudio. Furthermore, a Tascam Gigastudio knowledge base with a good search engine would be a step in the right direction.

    With Slon I would think he would drop Tascam a message about his registration problems (another post) before he started blasting. After all Tascam usually has the courtesy to respond to registrations problems within 48 hours usually first suggesting that you turn off Hyperthreading.

    Finally you will not enlists a Tascam's assistance by comparing their work place policies and procedures with those who run sweat shops.


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    Re: TASCAM

    While I think that Tascam has some blame to take, I also think that it's the nature of the technology monster, and the mind set of "bigger" "better" "faster" "cheaper" more , more MORE !!.....
    I'm to the point with ALL the companies that all I want is something that WORK'S !!....Don't sell me bell's and whistles if it doesn't work !!!....
    Tascam is not alone in this ....There is PLENTY of blame to go around..
    NOTHING is as advertised !!.... I feel like 95% of what I buy is basically beta with a retail price tag !!.... I am an old Mac user, and it use to be that the only folks having computer problems were PC user's because of the open architecture ....Now , even the Mac's don't want to run programs correctly !!
    The hurrier we go, the behinder we get !!... For better or for worse, it ain't like it use to be !!.. I dont' see it getting any better ..... We have allready shown the monster that we will feed it , and buy into it ......Jim

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    Re: TASCAM

    Personally, everytime I get upset about my money having gone into the same problems slon speaks of, I come back to the same thought:

    Tascam tells prospective users up front that the best results come from running giga on a dedicated pc. They make it clear that it can be used on one computer, but you'll get no apology or further explanation if it doesn't run the way you want it to, or even run at all. I think they're wll within their rights here. If you do your homework before your purchase, you'll know that.

    I bought a computer that well exceeded the recommended requirements. Except one thing: that peasky dedicated system thing. Oh well. Guess that's life since they told me up front.

    It's still worth it. Whether it's on one machine or ten.

    That knowledge base would be nice, though.


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    Re: TASCAM

    there are many less powerful alternatives that can be successfully run on a multi-tasking computer. gigastudio is a an amazing dream-come-true for a serious composer. It DOES turn a computer into the modern version of a hardware sampler, one that is THOUSANDS of times more powerful and flexible than the old rolands and akais.

    It has changed the working method of nearly every serious composer in film and tv. that doesn't mean it's for everybody.

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