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Topic: audio pc & dedicated giga pc: how to ???

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    audio pc & dedicated giga pc: how to ???

    hi all, i´m new to the forum right now, i watched the discussions for some days, and it´s quite nice here !!!

    here´s my qustion: i´m working with gigastudio since some months (10 or 12 months now) and yes, i believe there´s only one solution to cool down the cpu and hd usage of your audio pc: to buy a second, a dedicated machine for gs.
    i recently bought a 1,2 ghz athlon and now the 600mhz duron maybe could do the job in the 2nd pc.
    could you plz tell me what kind of equipment i shall choose ??? i mean how to sync the two machines, via midi or network ? i have no idea how to bring the two pc´s together.

    my equipment:
    asus a7v 133
    athlon 1,2 ghz
    256 mb ram
    maxtor 20 gb udma 100
    maxtor 40 gb udma 100
    cd writer
    midiman delta 44 (with multichannel asio)
    soundblaster 64 pci (hehe, i know, but it´s only for midi)
    win 98

    thanx in advance !!!!!


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    Re: audio pc & dedicated giga pc: how to ???

    You need to get a MIDI interface for your audio computer and run your sequencer on that. Get a MIDI Soundcard to put in your GIGA computer and connect the two computer with a MIDI cable. That\'s it. Think of your GIGA PC as a sound module. So then just run audio cables from the GIGA PC to your mixer like you have been and that\'s it!

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