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Topic: GPO woodwinds, finished version

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    GPO woodwinds, finished version

    Hi everyone. I'm back with a finished version of Attack of the Woodwinds. Thanks so much for the comments on the previous post. It's good feedback like that that keeps me writing.

    So anyway here's the first finished version, I always end up changing things after a while anyway.



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    Re: GPO woodwinds, finished version

    Nice piece,excellent control of timbre,and a nice sense of wit.
    keep them coming.

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    Re: GPO woodwinds, finished version

    To follow Joaz, urbanely witty without being waggish about it... lol.

    Seriously, this is quite expertly done wind writing, and very solidly put together, at that. Beautiful craftsmanship on this, of which you should be duly proud.

    Technically, getting the balance and mix you did on this is a hat-trick and a half.

    Fine work!


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