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Topic: Is it Cubase or Giga Studio

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    Is it Cubase or Giga Studio

    I have a real problem.
    Maybe you hardware experts can help.
    I use Cubase to drive my Giga Studio 96.
    I have a 1GhZ computer with 256M RaM.
    I boot with PowerQuest Boot Magic (I have two Window systems, I indicate it cause who knows where the problem comes from).
    When I play it can all be great for a few minutes and then Suddenly I get hung up on a note. It then sounds like a taperecorder playing at a large speed.. mumble of voices but the sequencer is frozen and so is the Giga.
    When i Cntrl_Alt delete turns the sequencer off
    it looks like the Giga is still on.
    So perhaps itis a Cubase problem.
    It even occured once (but less frequent) when I use Cubase to play a Midi Sound Canvas (Roland).
    I tried to change MaxCache and Min Cache and it affected nothing.
    I do not think it has to do with Polyphony..
    But who knows...
    Can somebody help?

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    Re: Is it Cubase or Giga Studio

    Are you running both Cubase and Giga on the same machine? Probably not a good idea. There could be hundreds of different .dll conflicts that could be mucking up your system. You might want to get on the horn with a proper PC tech.

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    Re: Is it Cubase or Giga Studio

    Migth be your MIDI interface or its driver. HAve you updated to the latest driver?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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