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Topic: A fix for EWQL-Gold release tails?...

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    A fix when EWQL-Gold release tails become a problem..

    I don't know about the rest of you but the release samples in Gold have bugged me from the first day I got it (kind of a love hate relationship). I tried just about every thing from changeing thier Vol-Envelopes to just plain deleteing them but nothing worked that satisfied me. I use volume changes a lot, especialy at the end of notes comeing into the next note and all I got was that famous "sucking" sound.

    First of all I haven't used this yet in an actual composition but I did test it some and it seemed to smoothe things out immensly. Also, I've only done this with a few of the "18V strings" like Legato and Sus but I think it will work on many other instruments as well. This is of course useing Kontact-2.

    1: After importing the instrument I clicked on Group Editor. I then set "Edit All Groups" to (off) and selected only the Group(s) that are designated "on" (key on notes).

    2: I then went to the "Amplifier" section and set the Volume to (0.0db).

    3: Going back to the "Group Editor " I selected only the release sample group(s) that had "rel" in them and then went back to the "Amplifier" and turned the Volume completely off (-Infinity).

    4: Without touching the "Group Editor" (only the "rel" samples still selected) I then went to the "Group Insert Fx". There I selected the first Fx bin, scrolled down to 'Effects" and selected "Send Level".

    5: From there I went to "Instrument Send Fx" and in the first bin I selected Convolution. Actualy here you could select any reverb or convolution you deem appropriate. I happened to pick "Medium Rooms>Chamber Big" .

    6: Once you've selected the reverb, a "knob" type adjustment shows up right under "Group Insert Fx". Depending on the Instrument that I had loaded I ended up setting this "knob" to from (-32db to -16db). As you play various notes from the keyboard you simply set this so that the "rel" tails sound smoothe at all velocity levels. On a few instruments I also increased the "IR Size" on the reverb.

    Edit: I forgot a couple of other rather important steps.----------------------------------

    7. Now with the "rel" group selected go to the "Group Insert Fx" and on the "Send Levels" select Modulation and add a modulator "midi cc". For the first number put in "11". I left the other numbers as they were set at (0). (With out this step the reverb "rel" tails wont be controled by cc11 like the rest of the samples)

    8. This step is optional but can be important depending on the situation. Select all the groups that are "on" groups and scroll down to the bottom of K2 to the "Volume Envelope". If you don't see it then left click on "modulation". The very last "knob" here says "Release". I find that adjusting this can make a difference and the best seting on it can vary depending on the situation.

    Another thing I found, is that makeing adjustments to the "Send Levels" and/or the "Return" in the reverb can also make a difference. It's a matter of experimenting with your situation.

    Also I should mention that I use this as a "Key Switch" instrument and I only use the reverb "rel" tails when the regular Gold "rel" tails are adversely affected by cc11. To make Key-Switched instruments check out KevinKauai's tutorial on making "Key Switches".

    End of Edit:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Of course the way this works is that it substitues the Reverb for the Release Tails and gives it a smoother and even more natural sound (at least I think so) especialy if your useing cc-11 or cc-7 like I do. Actualy it seemed to sound smoother all the way around. It also frees you from haveing to add reverb to a library that already has a lot of pretty good natural reverb.

    Something else I should mention is that this realy works best if you have already selected cc-7 as the main Volume in the options menu. From there then just use cc-11 as your main volume controler. If you instead use cc7 as your main volume controler then that basicly negates some of the benifits of having the reverb replaceing the "rel" samples.

    T. S.
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    Re: A fix for EWQL-Gold release tails?...

    I'm sorry, in my exuberance to pass on this simple little idea I failed to mention a few other particulars. First of all please don't get the idea that I'm putting Gold down in any way, includeing the "rel" samples. Gold is probably the best library I have so far.

    Also I didn't mention that I'm useing this as a Key-Switch instrument so that I can switch to the reverb "rel" tail only when it works better than useing the regular "rel" tail. Here again, the only reason for useing the reverb "rel" tails is when there is some rather exagerated volume (cc11) going on between notes and it adversely affects the regular "rel" samples.

    Another thing is I forgot to put in a couple of other rather important steps to do this properly so I edited my first posting.

    T. S.

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    Re: A fix for EWQL-Gold release tails?...

    How do these samples sound raw? I just purchased the gold edition. I'm hoping I wont have to much problems with them.

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    Re: A fix for EWQL-Gold release tails?...


    Since I only have EWQL-Gold along with the library that comes with Kontakt-2 I can't compare it to some of the other good libraries out there. When I first got Gold I was prety disappointed but the more I work with it I'm realy starting to like it a lot.

    In the raw they have a lot of natural room or hall reverb in them and they sound very good. Of course your stuck with that basic sound because they're "wet" enough that there's not much room for adding more but I'm satified with it.

    T. S.

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