I understand that the sustain+short strings patch has a short bow patch layered on top of a long bow patch. But I have a question: is the short bow patch the same one that I can load alone, and is there a way I can load just the long bow patch alone? Or is the long bow patch lush strings? But lush strings sound sweeter. Where did the long bow patch come from under the short bow patch? Is it a completely different patch alltogether?

And another question: sometimes the short bow patch is too short and the long bow patch is too slow on it's attack and I get sort of a mild fortepiano with a little crecendo back up to the forte. I also notice this in the solo strings.

I know I'm being REALLY nitpicky here, but I'm just trying to get as familiar with how the library works as possible. Just a feeling of security I get when I knew exactly what's going on. And don't get me wrong. I will always be a huge fan of Garritan libraries and I love my GPO. I just want to make the most out of it.