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Topic: Anyone using Flash Disks?

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    Anyone using Flash Disks?

    I\'m curious if anyone has thought of or is using a flash disk instead of a standard hard disk. I found, for example, at www.m-sys.com, a line of flash disks that are intended as transparent replacements for hard disks. I have no idea as to cost but the .1 ms or better access time caught my attention...

    Anyone have knowledge of these devices?


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    Re: Anyone using Flash Disks?

    They sound great Doug - any idea on pricing?

    It looks like they go up to about 10gb - right?

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    Re: Anyone using Flash Disks?

    I just got a price for the flash disks: $6509.80 for about 2 gigs. I think I\'ll just run right out and buy a dozen! - Doug

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    Re: Anyone using Flash Disks?

    So I could probably get 10gb of Flash storage for under $30,000!


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