From the NI forum:


Hi all,

After some weeks of intense work we now present you the KONTAKT 2.0.2 update. We are certain that this update will fix your most pressing issues!

Don't miss the newly added Beat Machine turorial.



* Output configuration can now be changed and saved in hosts
* Output config dialog now allows easy switching between channels
* Hanging notes problem has been fixed
* Library issues with incorrect glide default value have been fixed
* Library issues with loading in non-DFD modes have been fixed
* Issues with high CPU load have been fixed
* Issues with start-up crashes have been fixed
* CTRL+click in mapping editor now steps through zones
* Program change for banks now works with all MIDI channels
* Right-click on knobs now allows assignment of modulation
* Modulation target names are now correctly updated
* Engine restart now flushes effect buffers correctly
* Several small inconsistencies have been fixed
* Several import issues have been fixed
* Several library patches have been fixed
* New Beat Machine tutorial in the Documentation folder
Product Manager, NI