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Topic: Why didn't Nemesys correct the mixer problem?

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    Why didn\'t Nemesys correct the mixer problem?

    A few months back, I have raised some comments regarding the mixer settings found in the main GS screen. Sadly, the new 1.60 version doesnt\' correct a fundamental flaw.
    What is that problem? If you try saving perfomance patches after adjusting your mixer sliders (say to the middle, value = 64), the problem arises when you reload the performance patch; The slider will be located in the middle but the volume will in actual be playing at 127.
    I have thus conclude that the mixer serves no useful purpose at all.

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    Re: Why didn\'t Nemesys correct the mixer problem?


    I take on board your comments about the mixer. I never use the mixer anyway, I do all my volume changes within the console view of Cakewalk. I switch the mixer view off in GS.


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