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Topic: GPO Advanced - articulations

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    Talking GPO Advanced - articulations

    GPO is a fine tool, no doubt about that, but what I really, really miss is heavy staccato/spiccato strings. Also, instead of using CC-controller (Var1..) to alternate up'n'down strokes, staccatos should be sampled twice to achieve more realism...

    Now, I should mention that I have not read all the post here regarding GPOA, so I really don't know if mr Garritan has revealed anything about what is to be included yet. Anyway, here is MY list of what I hope will be included in the Advanced version:

    1. Heavy staccatos/spiccatos on all string-sections (double sampled/up'n'down-strokes)
    2. String-ensembles sampled in pp/p to be able to achieve ultra-emotional stringparts.
    2. Staccatos on woodwinds such as flute and piccolo flute for more realistic fast runs.
    3. Some of the woodwinds sampled in pp/p (especially clarinet and contrabassclarinet)
    4. More percussion (different Bassdrums, snaredrums etc..)
    5. True trills on all woodwinds, brass and solo strings (IMPORTANT)

    BTW, does anyone know the size of the GPO stringsections? Can't seem to find any info about that, not even in the owners manual...

    If Garritan really gives this GPO Advanced an extreme makeover compared to good "old" GPO, I'll gladly pay another $249 for the upgrade!


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    Re: GPO Advanced - articulations

    Quote Originally Posted by Shantar
    2. Staccatos on woodwinds such as flute and piccolo flute for more realistic fast runs.
    Good points; however, for fast runs we don't want tonguing, we want legato playing. GPO already has a legato function, and no, it's not perfect.

    Legato is the toughest thing to emulate with samples. VSL does as well as any, but it's very labor and resource intensive. Someday modeling will improve things greatly, but we're not there yet. Maybe after the Solo Violin is released, Gary will apply lessons learned to woodwinds.

    Your points are well taken though. To make great music we need to be able to play the instruments with variety. If GPOA can provide a wider palette, it's all good!


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    Re: GPO Advanced - articulations

    Do you know about the controls in GPO to randomize pitch and tone? Playing around with them can add some extra useful variability.

    Even if there is no more then up and down samples recorded, it would be very cool to see a patch like the one recently made for EWQLSO GOLD where neighboring notes are pitched shifted (in realtime) to fake additional alternatives. My only fear is that you may need kontakt 2 to develop and run this patch, but I think now that it has proven to be useful, maybe developers would make a patch for us kompakt-only folks.
    Brain Edwards

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    Re: GPO Advanced - articulations

    Yeah, you're probably right about the legato-function, but personally I have achieved better results with Advanced Orchestra's detache-notes for flute piccolo etc...

    But the pain in simulating an orchestra is half the fun I think. It's so satisfying when you finally get it to sound the way you intended it to...


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    Re: GPO Advanced - articulations

    The current GPO section strings short bow patches do use separate up/down samples. Only the solo strings use programming to emulate the up/down bows.

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