Does anyone have this software working well together?
Cubase, GigaStudio and APSLive Drivers on a Soundblaster Live. (http://come.to/sblive

Cause I get crackling alot of crackling as soon a cubase audio track is running at the same time with GigSampler files.

I tweaked around alot with the settings (latency, buffers)
I checked several things like conflict with videocard etc.
Did the whole optimization routine/check .. DMA, Swapfile, Disabling
programs that run on the background etc..
But it all had no effect

Any Ideas?


By the way, this is my setup:
- Pentium III 450Mhz
- 448mb internal memory
- Harddisk access time 9.5 (gonna get me a faster one soon!) ..
but according to Gigastudio manual should be enough.
- 32mb Graphic Card
- Soundblaster Live with APSLive Drivers
- And a Sennheiser HD580 for listening .. :-) Yeah.. nice headphones