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Topic: Best mobo for Athlon 800 and GigaStudio

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    Best mobo for Athlon 800 and GigaStudio

    Hello, all. I just got GigaStudio 160 but haven\'t installed it yet. Based on all I\'ve read in the various bulletin boards, I think I should bite the bullet and go with a second, dedicated PC for GS. I will build it myself around an Athlon 800 MHz CPU which was just given to me. To minimize all potential problems, I want to configure this machine as optimally as possible before I do anything else. To that end, can anyone recommend the best \"Giga friendly\" motherboard and chipset to use with this processor?

    In this configuration, I also plan on using 512mb of RAM, two hard drives and an Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96.

    My sequencing PC will be an Athlon 1 GHz with 256mb RAM running Cakewalk Sonar with a Roland ED UA-100G interface.

    Thanks for all comments and suggestions.


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    Re: Best mobo for Athlon 800 and GigaStudio

    Steer clear of anything VIA based. That includes Asus A7v and Abit Kt7 boards. I would recommend the newer 266 DDR boards that are based on the AMD 760 or 761 chipset, these have an AMD or Alimagick chipset which should work with your audio card. I can guarantee you if you get the Via based board you can kiss goodbye to the Aardvark card.

    However, one word of recommendation, bear in mind that PIII\'s have never been cheaper and you may get a PIII - 1000 with an excellent board like the ASUS CUSL2-C for much the same money you\'d spend on the Athlon setup, and you\'d get near 100% guaranteed compatibility too.

    Bob Campbell

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    Re: Best mobo for Athlon 800 and GigaStudio

    Thanks, Bob. After reading many other posts on various boards and newsgroups, I was kind of expecting a response like yours. My gut tells me to go with the P3/CUSL2-C combo but I was hoping to save some cash with the AMD 800 CPU because it was a gift. I know, I know.....you get what you pay for.

    I think I\'m gonna bite the bullet and invest in some peace of mind with a side order of sanity. Thanks for the feedback.


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    Re: Best mobo for Athlon 800 and GigaStudio

    I have a motherboard running a VIA chipset with a PIII 800EB. It screams. There were a few \"things\" that had to be done differerntly for a few drivers because of the VIA chipset. Otherwise runs good.


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