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Topic: Nanotech gives drumkits a makeover

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    Nanotech gives drumkits a makeover

    Interesting snippet for all you drummers out there


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    I'm thinking forty double stacks Marshall amps, 50 low-end sub systems and whatever I can plug into when I get these things! Now, instead of me being blasted out of my seat while trying to play between one thousand watts of guitar amps, I can fight back!
    Eh, sounds like a nice concept.
    Actually, I would love to try 'em out in a recording.

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    Re: Nanotech gives drumkits a makeover

    The B-Band webwite shows those ribbon pickups but says nothing about drums- only guitar and other string instruments. So maybe they didn't do so well on drums. If they worked that would be REALLY useful. Pllug in the drums, mic the snare and the overheads and GO! You'd probably need traditional kick mics too to get the beater slap. Maybe that's the problem- the sound of the stick on the drumhead might be a lot more of the sound than the pickups take into account. But I bet they would trigger well.

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    Re: Nanotech gives drumkits a makeover

    I want some vintage '59 single coil reissues for my drumkit, though humbuckers reduce the noise.

    How about playing through a wah wah pedal?

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