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Topic: Holoacoustics Impulse Library Contest

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    Arrow INSP:IR Impulse Library Contest

    INSP:IR Impulse Library Contest has been announced seeking for dry recordings of your composition for demonstrating the capabilities of the impulse library. Mixes of arbitrary surround configurations (e.g 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, 10.2 or others) and stereo mixes are accepted and should be sent by email to contest@inspiredacoustics.com in wave/aiff format multichannel or discrete channels with description of the work and yourself. Any orchestral, piano, vocal, choir or classical-style composition can apply no matter if it was created or recorded with real instruments or with samples. Winners will be rewarded with a free complimentary copy of the impulse library as well as early informations about its contents and release. You should not miss this one.


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    Re: Holoacoustics Impulse Library Contest

    Csaba - Is there/was there a closing deadline for this?

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    Re: Holoacoustics Impulse Library Contest

    Hi moops,

    no deadline has been set yet.


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