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    After using Kontakt and various cheaper and older libs for over 2 years, I finally did it - thanks to the discount.

    Hope I love it as much as I think I will!


    PS: Also just spoke to Fox network and my ASCAP Royalties should be coming forth soon for a Cable show in which I have the opening theme, gonna put this puppy to good use! Hope it doesn't take me another 2 years to sort out all the articulations!

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    Hi Tom,

    Congratulations on your buy - I think I read you've been exclusively working with the older libs like AO. You will be pleased with the sounds of EW. The only thing I struggle with EWSO are the relatively aggressive attacks of many of the strings - but I think that may be just me. Also, weren't you intially wanting Gold? Where there specific mic positons or articulations in Platinum that changed your mind?


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    I have a production company in NY and thankfully am pretty busy these days (I'm sure that will change). I have two full systems one at my home (where I do my writing) and my Pro Tools Studio where I do my mixing and live instruments/Vocals. I actually orderd GOLD but was shocked to find out that to use this lib over 4 machines in two locations ((1 machine for each section (module) ))- I would have to buy it 4 times!

    I thought I could authorized each section on a separate machine. This is not the case! Now this seems weird to me because if we are to use this library it WON"T work on ONE or TWO machines too well! I don't want to load and unload samples I want to work in real time and just GO! So how is it they expect you to do this!

    So after talkin with E/W they informed my that Platium allows an authorization for each section (or modules as they call them).

    So I cancelled the GOLD and went for GOLD-EST!

    I am a little concerned about managing all the samples but I've gotten pretty good at working with Kontakt, but I'm sure it's gonna be one step forward and a few back. Plus the 24 bit will raise the memory bar, sheesh!

    I also have a PBS show airing in Sept, hope to be up to speed by then.

    Thanks for the reply-

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