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Topic: Semper Fi Fanfare

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    Semper Fi Fanfare

    Hi All

    Here is a new piece of mine the "Semper Fi Fanfare" Yes, I'm a former Marine. :-)


    This is quick and dirty recording straight out of Finale. I had to mute some of the percussion because my computer was choking.

    I've already transferred to Sonar and am busy working at a cleaned-up version with all the percussion.

    This is score for antiphonal brass choirs -
    Choir A
    3 Horn
    3 Trumpets
    2 Trombones
    1 Tuba

    Choir B
    2 Horns
    3 Trumpets
    2 Euphoniums (yes we need a GPO Euphonium)
    1 Trombone
    1 Tuba



    Ron Williams
    Westminster, CO

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    Re: Semper Fi Fanfare

    Fantastic harmonies.!!!Although it does have a bit of a Notation Software sound,That does not detract from the Quality of the writing.
    By the way your clickable link to the piece needs a "3" placing after the "mp" tag.

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    Re: Semper Fi Fanfare

    I agree!

    Great harmonies.

    I'm not usually a big brass fan,.. but the overlapping voices of equal strength create a softer blend.

    Very smoooth….


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    Senior Member valhalx's Avatar
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    Re: Semper Fi Fanfare

    Uh Rah! Nice work. Chesty would have loved it and promoted you on the spot.
    Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

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    Re: Semper Fi Fanfare

    Hmmm.....I LIKE it! Although, being a former 5563 myself, I would have loved some percussion. Guess I'll have to wait for the final version. Definately a neat piece. It almost sounds like it would fit with some of those tunes that Sam Nestico did for the Corps...Apotheosis, Marines' Hymn, I think.

    Look forward to hearing the cleaned up version. Semper Fi!

    - Josh

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    Re: Semper Fi Fanfare

    Great energetic composition. As I am a brass player, it really woke me up this morning and made me want to put the horn to my lips. Fantastic harmonies and rhythmic energy. I too and anxious to hear the version with percussion and some performance editing.

    Donald W. Sorah
    Doctoral Teaching Assistant
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL

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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Re: Semper Fi Fanfare

    That was spectacular! Can't wait to hear the completed work with percussion. Nice, very nice!

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