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Topic: Sony library any good?

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    Sony library any good?

    I've been eyeing the Sony sample libraries for some time. The titles are dirt cheap and I don't know how many people are using them but they seem to be somewhat of a little secret around here.

    Unfortunately, there's not much in the way of demos, none at the Sony site and just a few examples at the House of Samples site.

    Does anyone own any of those titles? If so which ones and how much do you like them?

    Aside from loops, are there any actual playable instruments on there?

    I welcome as much detailed info about these collections as possible.
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    Got a url?

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    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    I have a bunch of them. I even created a bunch of loops for them, back in the day!!

    These collections are almost all 100% loops, with a few one-shots here and there...unless they are described otherwise. For instance, there are some Sony-vault FX libraries, etc.

    There are a lot of ways to load stuff like this in a sampler and mind-f*** the pooky out of it.

    Obviously, many of these are simply ACID relicenses of previous products, i.e., the Bill Laswell stuff. Some of it is original content. Some of it is commissioned/licensed. Some of it is compilations of commissioned and pre-existing. Almost all of it is very good quality.

    That's about all I know.

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    Hey Midphase

    Not sure if you're aware of this link...
    but here you can see all of the available loop sets. Clicking on each product will take you to a page with more info and also a few sound samples - at one time, they even had demo songs using the loops from each library (they still might, I just didn't remember to check).

    Prices are also A LOT better...
    Bill Laswell Collection currently $149 vs your links $249
    Most of the "packs" I clicked on were $189 vs $249
    $99 sets are only $70
    I could go on but suffice it to say they are usually a lot cheaper

    You can also go to http://www.acidplanet.com/ (EDIT: Click on Tools and then 8 Packs)and download a free weekly 8 pack of loops plus a song created using those loops. This page will also have the "deal of the week" where 1 or more libraries are on sale

    As for sound... maybe I have no taste/ear but I like them a lot. Prior to Sony purchasing Sonic Foundry, they had a subscription where you could purchase a library a month for some crazy low price so I ended up with way more than I could probably use but ya never know.

    Acid Rock
    Acid Techno Expander Pack
    Ambient Grooves
    Aural E
    Bass X
    Bill Laswell Collection
    Bill Bradley Fish Restrung and Unstrung
    Bunker 8 EAB
    Chicago Fire
    Cinematix 1 & 2
    Designer Dance Tools
    Drums from the Big Room
    and about 30 more (what can I say, at least it's a legal addiction )

    They are all loops however and there are no playable instruments that I know of but sometimes I just feel like playing around with loops so it works ok for me.

    Another site to consider is http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/products.html

    They truly define DIRT CHEAP but the quality is just a high - 4 of their libraries have also been released under the Sony Label (see bottom of this link)

    Hope this helps and as you said they're dirt cheap so you really can't go wrong.

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    I love how they provide zero demos!

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    Here is the link to the EULA for Loops. It's fairly long but this sentence... "You are free to use the Content CD in your own original compositions without restriction." sounds like you should be okay.

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    Check out this link from my earlier post... you can listen to a few loops from each library here and some have songs created using the loops from that particular library

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    I bought a series of Sony sfx CD's some time ago, and was surprised that they were not cleared for commercial use.
    Wha? That's pretty weird.

    Thanks for all the info, I'm mostly interested in some of the bass and guitar grooves more than the drum loops. I wish that they came as Rex files instead as they would be cake to import into Stylus RMX.
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Sony library any good?

    at least 3 of the libraries at PeaceLoveProducts include .rx2 files if that helps

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