In conclusion, the Ultrastar 36Z15 easily delivers the best workstation performance we\'ve measured to date. It shatters WinBench 99 WinMark records as well as perfoming solidly in our IOMeter Workstation Index. When it comes to servers and databases, however, the 36Z15 doesn\'t wallop the first-generation Cheetah X15 as well as many would hope. In the plus column, the drive offers double the capacity of the original X15, and certainly destroys all 10k competition. Just remember, however, that a contender from Fujitsu as well as Seagate\'s own second-generation unit remain right around the corner.


Seagate is introducing what no other disc drive manufacturer can: 2nd generation 15K RPM experience, reliability, and performance. Cheetah X15 has doubled the capacity with 36 and 18 GBytes. The Cheetah X15 36LP has seek times as fast as 3.6 msec and data rates as high as 69 MB/s and supports Ultra320 SCSI and 2 Gbit Fibre Channel interfaces.