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Topic: Hal's Waltz

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    Hal's Waltz

    I finally managed to finish this wee waltz, the first of hopefully many GPO creations. It's the product of a joint venture from the Compose Music Forum . Prof. Hal Owen wrote a lovely little waltz tune, which he presented to the good people of CMF as an arrangement exercise: here's the right hand - now write the left. And this is it.

    Hal's Waltz

    It ain't much, but it's my one and only finished GPO creation so far. I hope you will be so kind and tell me what you think of it, since it's not only my first GPO creation but also my first finished larger (1 min 47 sec ) musical work ever. Constructive criticism is definitely wellcome.

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    Re: Hal's Waltz


    I think this is truly brilliant! It sounds like Bach ...well as close as any of us will ever get . I think, if I could make one suggestion, the final chord is just too short. It would give a more rounded feeling if that chord just lasted longer and died away.

    About the title, I wonder if you can really call this a 'waltz'?

    This was outstanding.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Hal's Waltz

    Hi Louis

    thanks for your kind words. Like Bach, you say ... hmm, never thought of it that way. It would be too good to be true, an honor indeed.

    About the final chord: you may be right about that. I have sometimes thought the same thing, and sometimes I don't. I can't really make up my mind. I will think about it some more and take your words into consideration.

    Is it a waltz? The designation was Hal's idea and I just sticked with it. Is a Mozart or Haydn Menuetto a menuetto? Is a Bach Courante a courante? You can't dance to any of these "dances". But like this "waltz" they all had their origins in everyday dancemusic. Seen in this light, then yes I think it is a waltz.

    Kindest of regards to you and a good day as well


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