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Topic: GPO with choir

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    GPO with choir

    I use GPO for Sibelius playback, and I've been waiting a while for some type of choir plugin. Most of my music involves choir in one way or another. I was wondering if other people who use GPO for playback use Bidule or Vstack and some choir samples with it. At one point, I thought a plugin was on the way, but that seems to be further away than I thought. What choir samples do you all recommend? And what makes whatever samples you like work well in a notation program with GPO?

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    Re: GPO with choir

    It all depends on what you want...

    EWQLSC seems to be the new gold standard. It's Kontakt only.

    VOTA was the previous king of Carmina Burana style heaven-vs-hell vocals. It supports various samplers.

    Symphony of Voices still gets good ratings, despite its age. Akai format.

    Bela D Media has Diva, and Diva Extended (extended is well worth the upgrade) for soprano solo voices. It's great for haunting vocals. Various formats.

    They have now release Giovani, which is a childrens' choir, and has some great demos. I think it's Kontakt/Halion compatible now with Giga to follow. (Edit: Kontakt today. Giga/Halion to follow later this summer.)

    I bought Diva Extended on the group buy, and have used it a bit, but it's not a choir. Giovani sounds like a great way to add color to orchestrations with subtlety, and it's the least expensive solution. EWQLSC is expensive, but the most complete. VOTA and SOV still command strong pricing despite their ages.

    Decisions, decisions...


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