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Topic: Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

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    Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

    If I understand correctly, K2 will import Kurzweil libraries. Only problem is that the Kurzweil CD's don't get read by either my Mac or PC. How does one solve that problem? I've got to get the library into a computer before I can import into Kontakt2.


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    Re: Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

    Hi, If you insert a Kurzweil CD while Kontakt 2 is running it will recognize it but it won't import from the CD unfortunately. I have Chicken Systems translator which reads most of my Kurzweil CDs with a couple of exceptions. You might want to try e-mailing Garth at Chicken Systems as he actually created the on-board konvertor for Kontakt 2. Also see if you can find someone who has a SCSI CD-ROM drive and 2 zip drives, one a SCSI for your Kurzweil and a USB model for your computer. Having these devices will enable you to get your kurzweil files on your computer.

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    Re: Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

    I happen to have the SCSi and USB I/O equipment you mentioned - good idea. I simply copy the files onto the zip, and the computer will read the files from the zip drive?
    Thanks for the help,

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    Re: Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

    Yes this setup will work as this is what I use as well as translator to get KRZ files on to my computer. The onboard konvertor in Kontakt 2 work well with most of the libraries I've imported into Kontakt 2 with the exception so far being The Kirk Hunter library KRZ format { which is a real bargain right now for only $50.00 I bought this library about 8 months ago for $100.00. On at least one of the files from this library when I imported this file into Kontakt 2 the string patches came out all wrong with out of tune notes etc. however when I used Chicken Systems Translator on the same file it came out great. Anyway I'm glad I was able to help you with this

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    Re: Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

    I just transferred many formats via scsi and other media with "CDXtract"

    I recommend it highly. Even Chicken Sys couldn't read the stuff.


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    Re: Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

    I happen to own CDXtract as well. Which files were you referring to specifically? CDXtract is more stable than Translator { Translator used to be buggy in it's early days but it's far more stable now. Generally I've found that Translator does a better job in my experience in translating Kurzweil files to other formats than CDXtract. I do understand that will be a new version of CDXtract being released this fall that will have major improvements to it.

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    Re: Importing Kurzweil Libraries into Kontakt 2

    Yes, CDXtract5 is meant to be something to update to...

    Well what I had to transfer/convert were old Akai files mostly, but they were stored on old Magneto Optical cartridges and for 3 years, I couldn't seem to get them into my mac/pc. I'd tried everything, but the magneto optical thing just couldn't be read.

    Even Translator, while it could "see" that there was something there, was unable to go straight from the cartridges into conversion.
    ...Until CDXtract with which I found no problem at all, and, in addition, it converted everything in the exact same folder trees with all layers labeled perfectly!

    So I can only think that this is the right application to try such things with.
    I have a Kurzweil, but didn't try converting its sounds...so of course, it may have different requirements. After more consideration, I hope that's not too irrelevant to your situation!


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