My PC: 3.2 Ghz / 2 gigs RAM / gigastudio 3.1 / windows XP (Audio running through GINA lightpipe to MOTU 2408, DP 4.5.)

I have been having notes not sustaining for their full duration. In complex orchestral music this may not be easily audible, but with this loop-heavy project I started, it's a dealbreaker.

The velocity meter (next to the instrument name) remains on (so it's not a midi problem) but the DSP station output meter for whatever channel is problematic DOES show the sound cutting off (regardless of analog or digital outs).

various samples from different manufacturers have been tried on different ports and channels. I am using a small performance file, with very few voices (my voice limit is set very high.)

although it doesn't seem midi related, i've tried sending through midi timepiece AV, as well as Midi over Lan just to test, but the probelm is the same. the same loops play PERFECTLY from my other PC (same network) which is running giga 2.5.

the intermittent problem usually occurs at the same spot (which has been HEAVILY scrutinized in DP4.)

I have swapped my GINA cards and hardware between my 2 PCs, and the problem remains. I have used a different hard drive, and still the problem remains. I have the same problem using GIGA 3.10 or 3.04.

is this a hardware or software issue?