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Topic: need expert help ASAP

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    need expert help ASAP

    My PC: 3.2 Ghz / 2 gigs RAM / gigastudio 3.1 / windows XP (Audio running through GINA lightpipe to MOTU 2408, DP 4.5.)

    I have been having notes not sustaining for their full duration. In complex orchestral music this may not be easily audible, but with this loop-heavy project I started, it's a dealbreaker.

    The velocity meter (next to the instrument name) remains on (so it's not a midi problem) but the DSP station output meter for whatever channel is problematic DOES show the sound cutting off (regardless of analog or digital outs).

    various samples from different manufacturers have been tried on different ports and channels. I am using a small performance file, with very few voices (my voice limit is set very high.)

    although it doesn't seem midi related, i've tried sending through midi timepiece AV, as well as Midi over Lan just to test, but the probelm is the same. the same loops play PERFECTLY from my other PC (same network) which is running giga 2.5.

    the intermittent problem usually occurs at the same spot (which has been HEAVILY scrutinized in DP4.)

    I have swapped my GINA cards and hardware between my 2 PCs, and the problem remains. I have used a different hard drive, and still the problem remains. I have the same problem using GIGA 3.10 or 3.04.

    is this a hardware or software issue?

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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    I'm no expert on Lightpipes, but I'm wondering if you might have a sync problem between the PC and the mixer. Maybe others can help with the details.


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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    been there, done that. tried different lightpipe cables, as well as the normal clocking variations. the same sync format ("ADAT" lightpipe as clock, DP on "internal") works with my other system.

    thanks, though.

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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    I think I may have it...

    Check your polyphony setting in GS3. You may have it set too low, forcing voice stealing. It's something to check, anyway!


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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    it's set on max, and i'm only running very few voices (under 20 peak)

    been there, but i appreciate it. Keep 'em coming.

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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    GS3 has a MIDI monitor. You might run that to see if you're getting any unexpected MIDI messages in the queue.


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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    nothing midi-wise. the GIGA velocity meter (to the right of the instrument name) actuallly shows that it THINKS it's sustaining a note for its full value (a full measure). the output audio meter correctly shows the sound cutting off before that, however.

    the midi has been exhaustively checked with my other GIGA PC system, as well as through MOTU hardware and midi over LAN. it's something happening in the PC.

    i have done defrag and other error checking, but the early cutoffs persist.

    any other ideas?

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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    At this point, I'd call Tascam and see if they can help, if you can stand the phone bill. I'm out of ideas.


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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    It could be in the motherboard. I custom built a Giga machine and used a A7N8XDel. The deluxe version had Sound Storm but I had a 2408. I had to go into my BIOS and disable Sound Storm for Giga to even see the 2408. The audio does have to travel through the motherboard.

    It's a long shot, but we've narrowed it down some.

    The track meters in Giga show the note being sustained, which only means that Giga is receiving the correct midi info right?

    That leads me to believe that it's hardware, but it just seems so unlikely that a hardware issue would cause early cut-offs.
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    Re: need expert help ASAP

    tomorrow i swap the motherboard. it's the last thing left unswapped. (all GINA parts, the hard drive, the midi routing, etc has been swapped.)

    thanks for everybodies ideas. this has been a mysterious gremlin. i can't wait to see if this will work.

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