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Topic: EXS24 and Halion conversion...

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    EXS24 and Halion conversion...

    I've got a 50% off coupon at SoundsOnline burning a hole in my pocket and I'm looking at the Extended Edition of Advanced Orchestra (EXS24 and Halion format only) just for kicks. Does anyone know how the EXS24 and Halion import is in Kontakt 1.5.3? I'd hate to get it and then not be able to use it properly. I don't want to get the Akai or Giga sets since they don't include the bells and whistles this one does (ambient patches, chamber sized sections, etc.). I tried the import with some Precision Sound samples and they worked fine, but they aren't the size and depth of these I'm sure.

    I know its an older product, but I have a friend who swears by some of the aggressive string sounds, and I've heard it first hand and must agree.

    And besides, it'll cost me like 250 so I figure it's worth it. Unless something else comes out between now and when the coupon expires in September, that is.

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    Re: EXS24 and Halion conversion...

    No one has any guidance on this? Looks like I might be a guinea pig then.

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