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Topic: Looking for people who own both K2 and GS3!!!

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    Looking for people who own both K2 and GS3!!!

    Ok, let´s do it! I am opening this topic for people who own both K2 and GS3 and want to participate in an interesting discussion. Here are the guidelines:

    1 - Choose a .gig patch. Converting it using Kontakt batch conversion.
    2 - Set Kontakt and Gigastudio maximum polyphony to the same values. (remember that Kontakt counts stereo voices and Giga counts mono voices! Then if you set 256 max in K2 you must set 512 max in GS)
    3 - Load the patch in Gigastudio. Write down memory usage by using Ctrl+alt+del, then summing the size of Gigastudo.exe and msg32.exe. Then test for maximum polyphony and write the results down.
    4 - Do the same with Kontakt. Watch out for Kontakt´s memory usage. If it is a VST then you should watch for your sequencer´s memory usage.
    5 - Share your results. Don´t forget to post you computer´s specs and the libraries used!

    The idea is to benchmark GS3 and Kontakt2 performances when using the same libraries, regarding memory usage and polyphony.

    Now, here are some RULES:

    1 - Please, participate only if you own BOTH samplers.
    2 - No giga-maniacs or Kontakt-maniacs allowed in this discussion. Extremists are BORING, and are not welcome in this topic. Besides, we are looking for FACTS, not opinions.
    3 - If you don´t have some numbers to post, then don´t post at all. We are looking for FACTS, not opinions. (don´t mean to be repetitive, but... )

    Come on people, let´s do some tests!!!

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    Re: Looking for people who own both K2 and GS3!!!

    These are my previous results.

    Library: Sam Trumpets – Patch (close) Sustain 1 Rel_S
    Computer: Athlon XP 1700 – 1 GB Ram – 120 Gb Seagate Barracuda exclusive for samples, newly formatted drive
    Kontakt 2 – latest version, DFD set to 256 notes (512 voices)
    GS3 – latest version, set to 512 voices max polyphony

    Sequencer – Cubase SX3 + giga VST adapter

    Results after loading the instrument:

    GS3 – 31% of total memory used (according to GS3 interface)
    Msg32.exe – 263.168 K
    Gstudio.exe – 32.348 K
    Total memory load: 295516K

    Voices result: 270 voices – dropout
    240 voices - clicks and pops

    Kontakt 2
    Cubasesx3.exe (before kontakt+patch loaded) - 83.276 K
    Cubasesx3.exe (after kontakt+patch loaded) - 231.076 K
    Total memory load = 147.800K (calcutaling the difference)

    Voices result: 256 notes (512 voices!!!) – dropout
    no clicks and pops until dropout

    Very surprising outcome.

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