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Topic: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

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    OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    Hi... I need a larger mixer, so I thought I might ask for some advice. I have a few overcomable problems with my old mixer (a cheap Eurorack 1202):
    a) Some slight noise which gets enhanced when I normalize and compress my music
    b) records at quite low volume, which enhances the above problem (this might be due to my soundcards - intenal M-Audio audiophile 24/96)

    Now I figured I might aswell minimize those problems when buying my new mixer... So any suggestions? The new mixer needs to have atleast 6 stereo inputs, but I would not mind 8. I'm considering if I should use the digital cables, in which case I need a special mixer right? I'm really a mixer newbie, so be gentle

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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    Are you running your mixes through that Behringer mixer? or is it for monitoring purposes only? If you're running your mixes through it it would first go through your soundcard's digital to analog converters, which would degrade the sound. Then, once it goes thru the Behringer circuitry it would degrade the sound even more!

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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    What's the budget Marcussen?

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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    yeah... i'm running a ~~~~ty setup i'm sure. SO help in all regards would be great. Here is a rundown:

    Sound from computers go into Mixer to turn the sound into one output. This sound goes into my main daw where its recorded when I'm done. This output also goes back into the mixer and out to my monitors.

    crap I know... all this is analogue :-/

    [edit] Well... Budget. I would say around $1000... Double that if its really needed. I guess the cheapest it can be done for. The less the better obviously... in other words I dont want to spend more than I need, but I dont want another crappy solution

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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    Hi Christian,

    I'm with Herman here - I have more questions than answers for you at this point. Specifically, what do you currently plug into the mixer? If it is for your sound cards, you actually may be able to get by without one unless you need to plug in a bunch of live inputs. For myself, if I didn't do live gigs as well, I would probably be mixerless and stay entirely in the digital realm.

    Once you answer the above questions, we'll probably be able to help you better. Also, budget is a factor here too so please include how much you're willing to spend and we can help you out a bit better.


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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    You guys are too quick for me. Some of my questions were answered already.

    Christian, is it completely just your sound cards that are going through the mixer? What is your configuration (which sound cards are feeding into the main daw and what is the sound card in the main daw)? You may be able to just go in to your main daw digitally or analog if you have the inputs for it. If your main daw's sound card doesn't have enough inputs, you may consider taking the $1000 to upgrade that soundcard as an option. If you have enough inputs on your main daw's sound card, you could get by with spending $0. Not saying that you should go that route but it is an option to consider.

    Right now, it appears that you are going through a d/a conversion into a crappy mixer (sorry, just telling it like it is) and using its lousy summing bus back into an a/d conversion.

    If you could stay digital completely, that would certainly be a factor. ADAT connections work well for this kind of thing (at least until we use higher sample rates in the future).

    Anyway, hope this helps a bit.


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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    I only use it to route sound from 6 computers into one signal so I dont have to bounce my audio when recording in cubase. I would however like to retain the posibility of having a Mic input, but I might be willing to sacrifice that to be mixerless... keep asking and I'll try answer the best I can.

    The soundcards are all the same... M-Audio Audiophile 24/96

    ps: Yes - I know my setup is crappy... been spending all my money on samples

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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    Hi Christian,

    If you don't regularly record mic-ed sources (voice, instruments, etc.), you could still work mixerless. You could invest in a mic preamp for those occasions. You don't need ultra-high-quality necessarily if you were prepared to go through the mixer's mic pres anyway. You can probably get a dual channel mic pre that will sound better than a $1000 mixer's mic pre's for $1000 or less. If you have a decent rental company in your area, you could scrap that altogether and rent when you need it.

    As long as you have an analog input into your main daw's sound card, you'll be okay with this option I would think.


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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    You could use a low cost mixer or a control room matrix like the Samson C-control for monitoring purposes ONLY - connecting your soundcards' analog outputs to it whilst using digital cabling to get the sound from one sound card to another.

    Or you might as well keep dragging audio files over the network as it won't degrade the quality of the audio ;-)

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    Re: OT: New mixer...digital? Low noise?

    Hi Christian,

    With all of the soundcards the same, and since the daw only has 2 analog ins and 2 digital ins, I can see why you're using a mixer. You need to think a bit about how you like to work. If you don't really care about having a mixer, you would need to, at the very least, upgrade your sound card. An RME Multiface would give you 8 ins, plus 1 s/pdif in (stereo input), plus ADAT i/o (should you upgrade one card on another computer to ADAT). You can get a Multiface, including the pci card for it for under $1000. It's low latency, sounds good, and the drivers are solid (as are most from RME).

    Prior to spending money on such a solution though, I would recommend that you send the output of 2 of your sound cards directly into your main DAW and bring them up on inputs in Cubase to see if that solution will work for you. In other words, try before you buy. It could be that, for the way you work, it wouldn't work too well for you.

    One thing to note is that I believe the Multiface comes with Totalmix software from RME which allows you to mix internally in the card (ie no strain on your cpu other than accepting the inputs). What this could do for you is allow you to mix all of the inputs to 2 and route it into Cubase so that you only need to activate 2 inputs in your daw (possibly cutting down on any additional cpu it may use).


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