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Topic: Noise Coming from Speakers

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    Noise Coming from Speakers

    Hello... strange problem here. I'm getting noises from my speakers that I don't think I should be getting. Clicks, shifting noises. Here's the thing: they're tied to my computer and my mouse (and god knows what else). For example, if I use the mouse scroll wheel OR click and drag a scroll bar, a slight rumble comes from the speakers. Opening applications, minimizing/maximizing them, etc., results in little clicks and, for lack of a better worse, bumps. The worst offender is my CD drive, which, when active, causes a whirring noise to emit from the speakers.

    These noises aren't too loud, but they're certainly a pain when I'm trying to listen to music at a high volume. I think the problem started when I accidentally plugged my speakers into my sound card's microphone jack instead of the speaker jack for about fifteen minutes, before realizing my mistake. While they were in the microphone jack, I obviously got no sound, but turning the volume dial made some hisses and static come out of the speakers. It could also be due to some wires or circuits getting shaken up. My computer moves around frequently.

    This problem only seems to occur after Windows has booted up. The other thing is, I don't think my speakers are damaged. I've tried different speakers with the same result. I'm afraid my sound card is permanently damaged. It's a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS.

    Here is an amplified sample of some of the noises (recorded "What U Hear"):


    I probably got some terminology wrong, apologies. Hopefully someone can figure out what I'm saying.

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    Re: Noise Coming from Speakers

    Eh... "grounding problem in monitor chain." Could you explain that?

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    Re: Noise Coming from Speakers

    Hmm, simply restored my volume levels to defaults and that helped a lot with the noise. Still getting a bit at very high volumes. Is it unavoidable? I searched for what you mentioned, monitor chains, and I gather this has something to do with cables, but moving my cables around has had no effect.

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    Re: Noise Coming from Speakers

    The problem is sometimes caused by priority and sharing of physical interrupts by your motherboard's card slots. If so, moving your sound blaster to a different slot might affect the zipper noise you seem to be getting.

    If that doesn't do it then the audio monitoring chain is likely it. You'll get better results if you can hook up powered audio speakers with balanced quarter inch trs to xlr cable. Another possibility is using powered speakers with spidf input. You may need to upgrade your audio card and/or speakers to do these things.

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    Re: Noise Coming from Speakers

    I'll try moving the sound card. It is, as I recall, right next to the modem and video... Also: I have the Acoustic Authority A3640 speakers. The speakers use simple "component cables" (?). How would I fit TRS-XLR into this?

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