I haven't updated my GPO installation since sometime in the Spring of 2004, so I just downloaded and installed the following in order as listed:
GPO Studio V1.2 (from Garritan site)
v1.1.0.4 Update of 10/19/2004 (from NI site)
v1.1.8.3 Update of 06/16/2005 (from NI site)

I let the installation procedure install everything (per defaults) in both of the updates from NI. The update from 10/19/2004 is a 16.5 Mb file, whereas the update from 06/16/2005 is only 10.2 Mb, so I assume there are things in the earlier installation that are not in the later installation, and this is why I installed both kits (rather than assuming I could go straight to the later distribution).

OK, fine. But when all this was said and done and I rebooted my system, the Kontakt player that I have says v, and the good things related to Kontakt that are described in the update document from November 2004 are missing from my system. The features that are supposed to have changed in Kontakt player are nowhere to be found.

In my GPO Library\Instruments, I have folders for Dry and Wet Audition (good things), but I must have missed the explanation about how to install the X-Custom option. I see that it is a WinZip archive, and it doesn't include a setup.exe, so I'm "guessing" that I should just unpack the archive under GPO Library\Instruments?

I don't know what the executable for Kontakt Player is supposed to look like. Maybe it isn't an executable, but rather a dll. I have noticed that I have several versions of a file named PersonalOrchestraVST.dll on my system. A file dated 01/20/2004 is 19,612 KB in size. I file dated 06/03/2005 is 11,904 KB in size. The newer version of the dll is considerably smaller than the older version. The newer version is also the one that appears twice under C:\Program Files\Garritan Personal Orchestra\... as well as under my Steinberg\VSTplugins directory. The older (2004) version of the dll appears under an obsolete Nuendo2 directory and under Celemony. Neither of these directories have anything to do with my current use or application for GPO, so if the current GPO is somehow linked to either one of them, it is most inappropriate and needs to be fixed.

So what's wrong with this picture? An installation that I expected to do reasonable things (based on the installation instructions, which might benefit from some revision), ended up not providing me with the new Kontakt Player. Is it the case that the latest installation of GPO is not linked to the Kontakt Player that was installed with it? If so, is this not a bug in the installation procedure?

Following the trail of this thought, I checked for directory pointers in the Windows Registry. I found none under any Garritan heading, but quite a few under HKCU\Software\Native Instruments. Two comments about this. The first is that I thought it odd that NI has no entries under HKLM (the conventional place for applications entries), but only under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. The second comment is that all the entries under HKCU\Software\Native Instruments appear to be in order, correct, and appropriate. They all point to some subdirectory of C:\Program Files\Garritan Personal Orchestra. There is no Registry key entry anywhere in the Registry that points to any of the directories from which GPO is now loading the Kontakt Player.

I have demonstrated to my satisfaction that GPO is loading the Kontakt Player from one of the "obsolete" directories (Nuendo2 or Celemony), because if I copy the latest "PersonalOrchestraVST.dll" to these directories, then GPO loads the updated Kontakt Player.

So where is GPO getting its pointer to the NI Kontakt Player, and why was this pointer not updated when the latest distribution was installed (to point to the location into which the installation procedure loaded the new POVST.dll? My opinion (as a user) is that this is a bug in the installation procedure or a bug in GPO. My expectation is also that pointers like this that are used by an application (like GPO) should be maintained in Registry entries where they can be inspected and changed when necessary by users. It appears that NI has done this (free for nothing), but GPO is not using the NI registry entries to locate the NI Kontakt Player. So this suggests that the problem is not with NI, but rather with GPO.