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Topic: Request for a Spanish speaker

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    Request for a Spanish speaker

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    There is a wav file -

    ...that I would like to translate because I have included it in a remix (http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=582771&T=1978). I speak no Spanish whatsoever so I'd like to translate it, however I can't find a transcript of the speech, probably because I can't understand enough of even the Spanish syllables to construct a string to search on at Google. If someone here could send me a sentence or phrase of text from this speech that I could search for it would be most appreciated. - or perhaps a link to the text of this speech that I could then have translated by google.


    P.S. Is he talking about houseplants? (hehe - I could pick out "casa plante")

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    Re: Request for a Spanish speaker

    I won't even claim to speak Spanish. However, I did grab enough words and phrases to find a transcript.

    Es decir, hay algo que se plantea: la exigencia a todo Joven Comunista es ser esencialmente humano, y ser tan humano que se acerque a lo mejor de lo humano. Que purifique lo mejor del hombre a través del trabajo, del estudio, del ejercicio de la solidaridad continuada con el pueblo y con todos los pueblos del mundo. Que se desarrolle al máximo la sensibilidad para sentirse angustiado cuando se asesine un hombre en otro rincón del mundo y para sentirse entusiasmado cuando en algún rincón del mundo se alza una nueva bandera de libertad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Babel Fish translation
    That is to say, there is something considers: the exigency to all Young Communist is to be essentially human, and to be so human perhaps that it approaches of the human. That it purifies the best thing of the man through the work, the study, the exercise of the solidarity continued with the town and all the towns of the world. That sensitivity is developed to the maximum to feel distressed when a man in another corner of the world assassinates itself and to feel excited when in some corner of the world a new flag of freedom is raised.
    Google string I used: "lo mejor del hombre" trabajo ejercicio

    So, no, I don't think it has much to do with houseplants

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    Re: Request for a Spanish speaker

    Hey thanks - that did it. I'm not sure if the lyrics fit in my remix, but as I don't speak Spanish, they sound just fine.

    Thanks again,

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