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Topic: RME HDSP and GS 2.5 users please

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    RME HDSP and GS 2.5 users please

    I know there is another active thread on this topic, but I think it applies to GS3. This post is about newest RME HDSP driver update having problems with GS v2.5.

    Anyone have any ideas until I can reach RME support Tuesday?

    DAW 1 RME Multiface DSP with driver at runs Cubase SX and EWQLSO Gold

    DAW 2 RME HDSP 9552 with driver at runs GS v2.5

    Everything was running fine, but thought I would try to update drivers to latest RME offering. (bad idea)

    Updated DAW 1 with flash and newest driver - everthing is fine - Gold launches, plays at it should within cubase SX. etc.

    Updated DAW 2 that only has GS2.5 with flash and newest driver - and now on DAW 1 get error messages saying the Sample Rate Has Changed to 38. I click oK and new message says Sample Rate changed to 48, plus lots of static going on during this whole fiasco. When I turn off DAW 2 with GS, DAW 1 operates OK again.

    I reinstalled old 2.5.30 drivers on both daws and am operating back to normal. Although if it isn't broke, don't fix it applies here, the new driver update does not appear compatible with GSv2.5. And eventually I will need to update my drivers, so would like to resolve.

    Any thoughts appreciated,

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    Re: RME HDSP and GS 2.5 users please

    I am running GS3 with the original drivers for the HDSP 96/32 (two years old) and never had a problem. Same when running GS2.
    Change only if absolutely necessary.

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    Re: RME HDSP and GS 2.5 users please

    Hi Slinky,

    Appreciate the advice, and knowing even GS3 users are on the older driver versions helps. I haven't been able to successfully upgrade beyond on either the 9652 or Multiface - but not experiencing any problems, so I guess its no big deal.


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    Arrow Re: RME HDSP and GS 2.5 users please

    I have no problem with a HDSP9632 and latest drivers (2.93) with SX3 or GS3. GS2.5 is not reported to have bugs or conflicts either.

    Perhaps you should check the option panes in the driver window, especially new DDS feature. It may be a wrong clock setting ???

    But best you should ask the excellent RME newsgroup @ news://news.x-networks.de !


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    Re: RME HDSP and GS 2.5 users please

    Hi Jean,

    Differences in clocking between the two machines upon upgrade definitely would give the sort of messages I saw. If I am daring enough to try to upgrade again, I pay attention to the clocks. Thanks


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