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Topic: Akai timestretch 'effect' as plugin/offline effect?

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    Akai timestretch 'effect' as plugin/offline effect?

    Hi Guys,

    I ditched my trusty old akai s-2800 (a souped up s-1000 basically) years ago, but the old beast had some tricks I miss!
    The main thing is the old akai timestretch effect. It had two modes, intelligent and cyclic, which would do a really nice jittery and raspy offline stretch.
    I know there are brilliant timestretch algorithms out there today, but listening back to some old samples I treated with the old akai stretch, I realize I really miss it!
    It works great as an effect and so I'm looking for either a plugin or offline process that replicates this effect as closely as possible!
    Anyone got any ideas where I might find this?



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    Re: Akai timestretch 'effect' as plugin/offline effect?

    Hi Joris,

    this may or may not help you depending on which OS you're on, but there's a nice open source command line processor called sox that can do "raw" timestretching, i.e. granular stretching with no regard whatsoever to the input waveform.
    There's a win32 binary on the sourceforge site linked above, and you might be able to acquire a compiled OSX binary through fink.

    After installation, try something like "sox input.wav output.wav stretch [factor]" on the console, where [factor] is the resulting speed (0.5 = double speed, 2.0 = half). There are some more optional parameters to this effect controlling the window size, the window crossfade method etc. - those are described in the docs.

    You might also get useable results from various synths or samplers capable of granular synthesis, such as absynth, reaktor or kontakt2.

    HTH + cheers,

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