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Topic: how to post?

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    how to post?

    Hey folks:

    I'm new at this - just got the GPO on the group buy. I've completed my first GPO composition (actually, my first orchestral). Is there a way I can post it on the site? (I don't have my own home page). TF

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    Re: how to post?

    Welcome to the NS cult, Tfale!

    You have to have your own host site to post MP3s here. I use tripod, other people use Soundclick, some others use others. I also use ourmedia.org, but it takes a day or two for your music to actually get uploaded and on your page, sometimes it never happens, but sometimes it does. But I don't see a limit to the amount of space you have, which I like.

    www.ourmedia.org is the URL.
    The register button is at the top right. It's kinda hard to see.

    I'm sure other people will post their host sites.


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