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Topic: Is it Possible?

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    Is it Possible?

    Is it possible to use the KS-function (for muted to open or between additional string techniques) when combining GPO with Sibelius 3?

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    Re: Is it Possible?

    To do a keyswitch in Sibelus, add Technique Text by selecting a note and typing "Ctrl-T". C4 is MIDI note 60. So, to switch using D4 type...


    The tilde hides the text. "O" is for "note off". 62 is the MIDI note number, "0" is the velocity.


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    Smile Re: Is it Possible?

    Thanks for the info, the KS-function now works perfectly!
    Is it also possible to use some similar command for changning from a section KS-combo to a solo KS instrument in the same staff?

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    Re: Is it Possible?

    Sorry, the Kontakt player doesn't do program changes.


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    Re: Is it Possible?

    If you can create an expression that changes the channel, you can open a tutti patch on one channel and a solo patch on another in the player. And voila: you've got what you want.

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    Re: Is it Possible?

    Unfortunately, Sibelius 3 only allows one, fixed channel per staff.

    Sibelius and most MIDI modules have supported program changes forever, so this was cool.

    For whatever reason the Kontakt engineers didn't spec this feature. Even K2 doesn't have a full/correct program change spec.


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