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Topic: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

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    OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    Wow. Where have I been the last several years? I kept hearing people talk about OGG files, but never spent much time researching. Well, today I spent an hour or so doing a side-by-side comparison of OGG encoded files vs. MP3 encoded files at the same bit-depth. I was completely floored by the results. OGG is VASTLY superior at lower bit depths. A 48kbps-VBR encoded MP3 sounded like total garbage, whereas the OGG file sounded remarkably good - good enough to include in a game that I'm working on.

    In fact, the file sizes are so small, and the quality so good, that the developers have agreed to forego using MIDI files altogether. I can now compose freely and encode the final results as OGG files.

    What a great find!

    I'm sure many of you already knew about the benefits of OGG as it pertains to game audio, but this is a great discovery for me, so I thought I'd share my excitement.

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    Re: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    Hey, I just found your post and did some searching, Wow!

    Do you have a specific software you like for converting? I found a couple of free downloads online but want to know a little more first.

    What is the process for conversion?

    Thanks, Jeff.

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    Re: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    use winamp and this plugin:


    it works great!!!

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    Re: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    Mac support still lags a bit behind PC, but I use OggDrop for encoding and Whamb for playback.

    PC support is covered for encoding and decoding in the latest version of Winamp, as noted above.

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    Re: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    And even better is that they're no nasty licensing issues like MP3.

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    Re: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    another benefit of ogg: doesn't add small amount of silence to beginning and end of your audio, so you can encode perfectly looped files.

    I've been encoding the majority of my acid library into .ogg format to use with acid and it's working like a charm!

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    Re: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    Yes, OGG is wonderful. I've been encouraging developers I've worked with to use it for the last few years now.
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    Re: OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!

    I remember when OV first came out, which was I think about 7 years ago. Many of us were hoping that it would become the standard, but thanks to mp3.com, it didn't. There is still hope for it yet though. I've been using Atrak3 encoding for my current project which, like OV, sounds tons better than MP3s at low bit rates (I'm currently encoding everything in 64mbs with no qualms whatsoever). The problem is that it's Sony proprietary so not only is there no way for it to ever have hopes of becoming a standard, but you have to use Sony hardware to play them back. Oh, and you have to encode them in DOS!

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