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Topic: Giga 3.1 Input Latency????

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    Giga 3.1 Input Latency????

    So, I'm trying to route a signal from another computer, into Giga input channel 1 but I am getting crazy latency. When I monitor the signal from the other computer using the inputs of the sound card only, without giga, there is no problem and the latency is 0. That rules out latency from the other computer. But when I monitor through giga's inputs, the latency rears it's ugle head. I tried messing around with the various buffer sized in the sound card's control panel and also within giga's system settings, but this did nothing.

    Has anyone had this eperience and been able to fix it?

    I'm using a M-Audio audiophile 24/96 on the giga machine.

    I hope someone can help! Thanks!!!

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    Re: Giga 3.1 Input Latency????

    Nevermind! All I needed to do was set giga's driver bit depth to 24 and that solved the latency issue.

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