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Topic: Thoughts on Opus 1&2 together?

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    Thoughts on Opus 1&2 together?


    Does anyone have both VSL Opus 1 & Opus 2? If so, does it cover the majority of your needs? I have EW Gold ( plus Gold Pro on order) and GPO, but with the fabulous legato from VSL, I thought perhaps into looking into Opus 1 and Opus 2.

    Of course I'll wait for Gold Pro to come out to see where I'm lacking, and by that time perhaps GPO Advanced will be out.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!

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    Re: Thoughts on Opus 1&2 together?

    I "only" have Opus 1, but that's already very versatile and I'm still thinking about getting Opus 2 at all, because if you are going to expand a bit more with Horizon series libraries you might get some duplicates. If Opus 2 is anything near Opus 1 the combination of both should be killer for the money. It's all and still not everything you hear about VSL.

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    Smile Re: Thoughts on Opus 1&2 together?

    Opus 2 is less value $ for sample. It has lots of string runs which Is not very useful for most people but it has basic solo strings which makes it worth it on it's own plus some more leagto wind.

    If you've got 1 you should get 2 - better still if your coming in a virgin the deal for the 1+2 combo is dead good.
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    Re: Thoughts on Opus 1&2 together?

    Yeah and what I think is good is that you get the VIP discount of both of them. If you plan to get complete bundle that is...
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