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Topic: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

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    Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    If so, how is it?

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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    Hi chap,

    I got Beatz in a panic buy as I had a tight schedule on a cuban/nicaraguan documentary. Unfortunately being a bit of a muppet I was mislead by the demos and failed to notice the title of the library..... The demos had rhythms and melodic instruments, whereas the title tells you all - it's just the beats.

    Overall I felt they have been recorded pretty well, but presented very badly, so the list of files in the player is next to impenetrable and on that sort of timescale I simple didn't have time to plough through looking for what I wanted.

    So close, but no cigar.

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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    It is coming this week. There is a review in the new Virtual Instrument Magazine. Sounds like it is well done but hard to use. I will let you know what I think when I start using it!



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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    An alternative would be Latigo from Wizoo. I like it a lot and it got a "Key Buy" from Keyboard magazine.

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    Hey Mike,

    It appears you have both Beats working and the Wizoo stuff.

    I take it you recommend Latigo instead of Beats working?

    Basically what I'm looking for is a product I can use to help me make very authentic cuban beats for use in various styles of dance music, and eventually film/tv like situations.

    I gave the whole "do it in midi" thing a shot, and while for simpler patterns or beats of your own creation using RA + StormDrum + RMX is great, you just can't beat professional players playing those traditional styles for authenticity.

    Normally I hate using loops, but you can't fake this stuff with midi IMO


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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    One thing I'm concerned about is that Latigo is only 800 megs, and Beats working is 9 gigs?!

    I like how Wizoo appears to have it such that you can turn the individual elements on and off, or modify them ala RMX (half, double, complexity), I'm not overly a fan of Intakts interface compared to RMX..

    So with that knowledge maybe Wizoo's stuff is more useful because you can manipulate the grooves more?

    I use Live5 as my loop box, so resampling the beats working stuff is an option too..

    I'm not sure, what do you think?

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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    Hi Eric,

    If you have a fast connection, you may want to look at downloading the demo of Latigo from Wizoo's website. They have a demo with 2 different styles that you can audition. I haven't tried it myself but will be doing so within the next few days. It is also cheaper than the BWIC library which is always a bonus.

    To me, the demos of BWIC appears to have quite a bit of character and authenticity to it. However, sometimes that character is difficult to remove. I need something in this vein also and am looking at one of these 2 sets. Latigo appears to have a flexibility in what you can do to the sound of the individual parts also (although real ambience typically sounds better to me than fake ambience).


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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?


    Sorry, a bit of misinformation in my last post I think. Reading some reviews, it appeared that there was a working demo that can be downloaded from Wizoo's site. I can't find one, just the music demos. I'll probably try emailing them later or checking it out at my local dealer if possible.


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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?


    you have to email them, and they send you a link to the demo.. not sure why, but thats how it works. I'm using it right now, it seems pretty darn cool, and alot more flexible then the intakt interface.

    more to come later

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    Re: Anyone here have Beats Working in Cuba?

    Thanks Eric. I'll email them then.


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