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Topic: I Am Not a Virtuoso Pianist

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    I Am Not a Virtuoso Pianist

    Now and then, I receive some very nice comments on my pianism as a result of some mp3 files I have posted to the demo & midi page. This pleases me, because it tells me that I am doing something right. But sixty years of arthritis have made sure that I would never be a virtuouso. Sometimes my playing is so good it thrills me immensely. Other times, it is so rough that it would make a statue puke. I have played lots of gigs over the years, mostly private affairs, weddings, receptions, occasional local concerts, still practice as much as I am able. This is what enables me to do what I do now with my music.

    I stress that when I post music here, it is not to demonstrate my piano skills. I am drawing attention to my compositions and to GPO. It is my performance, but not playing my Baldwin.

    I owe a huge debt to Gary Garritan & Tom Hopkins for giving me a big boost with GPO. Sonar and my velocity sensitive 88 note midi controller keyboard have also been very helpful.

    With that as background, here is my simple method. I play the music in via step time, using the same technique that I would use if playing it on my Baldwin grand. Essentially, it is slow motion input, playback up to speed. Some editing is often necessary. The aim is to present the music as near as possible to the performance of a live player. I feel that I have achieved some success in this.

    Thus, when I receive praise for my piano technique, I am pleased, not because I play so magnificently, but that I have achieved good performance by another method, which is quite another technique.

    I felt it necessary to make these comments because I don't want to create the false impression that I am the virtuoso that you hear on my mp3 files.


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    Re: I Am Not a Virtuoso Pianist

    There are great players. And great composers. And great player/composers. But in the end, it doesn't matter how you achieved the end result, whether you typed hexadecimal directly into a midi data file or handplayed a complete orchestral soundtrack extravaganza and simultaneously multitracked all 54 instruments. What matters is the end result, and yours is extraordinary, IMHO.

    Now if you tried to tell us you DID handplay the track without editing, and had not done so, then we'd be all over you like pepperoni on pizza!

    But thanx for 'fessin' up...

    BTW, you might consider playing the parts slowly from the keyboard, and then editing and quantizing the datafile start and end times. It might be faster than the manual entry, and the editing is no more complicated - or just ignore that - you're doing mighty well as you are.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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