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Topic: Latin RMX

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    Latin RMX

    The market in the US may be smaller -- but world-wide my thought is that some solid multi-instrument packs with purely Latin beats would sure help me. Using Bongos, Congas, etc. etc. would sure help me stop considering adding Latigo......and another layer of programming to my overloaded Mac.

    Anything in the forseeable future (Eric) -- or should I stay with loops and get Latigo????

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    Re: Latin RMX

    RMX has a wide variety of conga/bongo/cowbell/agogo/ect. loops to use. It's quite easy to create a great latin track with RMX.

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    Re: Latin RMX

    Was Spectrasonics working on a Brazilian drum loop collection at some point??


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    Re: Latin RMX

    >Was Spectrasonics working on a Brazilian drum loop collection at some point??

    Yes, they were. After "Retro Funk" was released both "BackBeat" and something like "Brazilian Beats" were announced. "BackBeat" obviously made it, but I've never heard of "Brazilian Beats" again despite its tasteful purple(?) front CD-cover.

    Perhaps Eric can tell us more...
    "I'm worried that the person who thought up Muzak may be thinking up something else." Lily Tomlin

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    Re: Latin RMX

    Are you referring to Zero-G's Pure Brazilian Beats? Rex lib, plays great in RMX...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Latin RMX

    Maybe Eric could shed some light here..
    Is there plans for releasing a Spectasonic brazilian beat expander in the near future??

    many thanks


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    Re: Latin RMX

    No, I'm not refering to the Zero-G title thesoundsmith. I'm sure it was a Spectrasonics title in pre-production.

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    Re: Latin RMX

    As we've said for several years, the awesome Brazilian stuff we have in the vaults will be released someday....you'll just have to wait and see.

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    Re: Latin RMX

    if we were in the dating forum, you would be what we call a TEASE, Eric..
    just bring it out. you know we want it BADLY.. :-)
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