I have read many of the other posts on this subject and would like to try and clear up this midi question.

If I have a mac that has a studio 64x with 4 outs, three of them already being used elsewhere, I should be able to send that 4th out to my low budget soundblaster midi in, right? This would get me a total of 16 Midi channels with GS. I guess I would set it up as a generic device with OMS on the mac and it would just spit midi out and everything would be cool?

Now if I wanted my 64 channels of GS midi, would I need to be sending 4 midi outs from my mac midi box ( goodbye studio 64x ) into 4 midi ins of another unit that was hooked up to my pc via serial?

It is good to try and get some concept of how these things work before opening the wallet.