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Topic: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

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    My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Hi all

    I've always wanted to write music around one of my all time favorite hymns and have it played in a huge cathedral. GPO makes fantasies come true . In this little piece I used the original hymn and wrote some music around it for a small orchestra. The hymn is called "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden" and I'm pretty sure you will all recognize it instantly. The complete hymn is repeated in full at the end of the piece.


    I hope you enjoy this.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Greatly enjoyed it. Like sitting in the choir stalls listening. You have produced a nice, uplifting sound with the instruments. Not easy to do, which may be why so many people writing church music these days specialise in dirges.

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    Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Beautyful, Louis, beautyful!

    This work certainly deserves to be played in a huge cathedral (it sounds like it already has been). I think musicians as well as audience would be thrilled and inspired by the experience. It goes straight into my media library

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    Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Wonderful piece. I love the hymn and the music you've written around it.
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    Thumbs up Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    I agree, very nice piece!!!!
    Best regards,

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    Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Hi All

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I appreciate the encouraging remarks.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    This is wonderful.And this is one of the most beatiful hymns ever.I particularly liked the woodwind bits,some great basoon parts.A great sounding instrument in GPO which I feel is a little underused on this demo page.
    I also enjoyed the rather sneaky chromaticsm @ 1.35.Fantastic work Louis.My congratulations.

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    Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Wow! That is truly grand, Louis! I am listening to it for the third time.

    I appreciate all of the work involved in this marvelous piece. Thanks for posting it.

    Best regards,

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Thumbs up Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Congrats Luis, this is a good piece!

    It has some compositional problems though....

    * The bass needs to have some more movement, maybe octave skips or something to light it up a little. It's little too heavy in the ritornello parts. It's ok in choral parts though.
    * The first choral entry is very good, but the entry on about 2 minute mark is rather weak.
    * The end before you comes with the complete choral needs to be more convincing one!

    Other than that, very good job done!

    Btw. Please add some timps!

    Ps. It's one of my favorite hymn too!

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    Re: My favorite hymn on the GPO organ

    Joaz and Larry, thanks for listening and the kind comments. I figure the GPO organ can make any piece sound pretty grand and majestic. And this was a pleasure to write.

    Falcon, thanks for the suggestions. I will consider them when I get the chance to revise this work. Time is, however, allways in very short supply.Timps ? I wouldn't know where to use them. I tend to keep things simple enough for me to handle . What do you think if I added a harpsichord almost like a baroque continuo? I guess that would be a little over the top....

    Thanks again to everyone who listened.

    Kind Regards


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