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Topic: Adv. Orch./Small Keyboard

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    Adv. Orch./Small Keyboard

    A quote here from the Gigasampler/Advanced Orchestra CD insert:

    \"If you have a small Keyboard..you can create an object in your sequencer which transforms the program changes 0-15 to note-on-events C1-D#2. This should not be complicated on most systems..\"

    OK, I know it\'s probably not complicated if you know what the heck you are doing; evidently, I do not. I am using Cakewalk PA 8.4, and yes, I do have a small keyboard that makes it difficult to take advantage of the AO key controls. Anyone know how this is done?

    Thank you!

    John Grayson

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    Re: Adv. Orch./Small Keyboard

    unfortunately I am not famliar with cake. But try 2 things:

    1. Does cake provide you with a virtual on screen keyboard? Maybe you can use this to change the control notes

    2. I am shure cakewalk has transform functionality, please look into you manual...

    The reason I used key dimension but program change on GS: GS has no function to fix programs to program numbers, so everything changes / shifts when you load or delete instruments! Impossible to create complex setups. With smart acess, within a midi channel p.ex. a staccato is ALWAYS on key E1 or the corresponding prgNr. 4, if you use transformers

    Maybe somebody out there already created transformers for cake? We would post it on the best service server!

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